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About Us

Our Process:


Once you become a Bubble Bins customer, you will receive a service schedule indicating the day of the month you can expect our technicians to clean your trash bin.  This schedule will coincide with your regular residential trash pickup.


The day prior to your scheduled service, you will receive an electronic reminder (either via e-mail or text).


On your scheduled service day, our Bubble Bins curbside cleaning unit will perform your service following your residential trash pickup.


Your trash bin will be visually inspected for any trash debris missed by the waste collection truck.  Our technician will bag any remaining debris and the bag will be placed in your trash bin following our cleaning process.


Following initial inspection, the container will be wheeled to the rear of the Bubble Bins curbside cleaning unit. A hydraulic mechanism will lift and rotate the container, placing it over a specially designed pressure washing system. The pressure heads rotate at high speed in all directions and effectively blast debris off the container. This process, combined with the specially formulated green seal cleaning solution, will remove nearly 99% of common bacteria from the surface of your container.


After the cleaning process is completed, the hydraulic lift returns the container to ground level.  Our technician will then inspect the interior, and sanitize the exterior of your trash bin ensuring it is clean, fresh, and ready to return to your curbside.

Bubbles We will place an easily removable decal confirming Bubble Bins serviced your container as expected.


Additionally, all wastewater will be disposed of safely at a locally approved treatment facility, so the bacteria laden water we collect causes no harm to the storm water system or environment the way manual cleaning does.

Environmental Practices

Bubble Bins is the eco-clean solution for a clean, deodorized, and sanitized residential trash bin. We complete the task you don’t want to do, and shouldn’t do, yourself. Only biodegradable cleaning products are used, and the Bubble Bins cleaning unit dries the trash bin while biodegradable deodorizers freshen the trash can.

Putting the Environment First...

Our Mission

Bubble Bins is the solution to keeping your waste containers hygienically clean. We will arrive at your address on a pre-confirmed day, fully equipped with everything we need to clean, deodorize, and sanitize your residential trash bin. Bubble Bins cleans both the inside and outside of the trash bin in order to provide the cleanest end result possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Green Seal Certified

Bubble Bins has specially designed curbside cleaning units which use high pressure, and high heat water, combined with Green Seal certified products to kill 99% of all known germs, fungi, and viruses.

Green Seal Certified

Water Conservation

All waste water is disposed of legally and safely, and all operations are fully insured and licensed.

*MSDS data sheets are available upon request

Water Conservation


What We Do

Our customized truck comes right to your driveway or business, where our technicians make your bins look and smell like new.

  • Green Seal Certified products
  • Extreme high-temperature water
  • Extreme high-pressure power
  • Dirty water is collected, contained, and disposed of by our trucks
  • We leave your trash bins clean, sanitized, and deodorized.
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Bubble Bins, Logo


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Why Bubble Bins?

We do the job you know you need done, but don't want to do yourself.  Frankly, you shouldn't do it yourself.

  • You want to protect your family against the germs, bacteria, and fungus breeding in your trash bin.
  • You want the unsanitary water collected and disposed of properly, not spilled into your driveway or down storm drains.
  • You don't want to spend your Saturday with your head in your trash bin, but you can't stand the smell anymore.
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